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Amended Occupational Health And Safety Act
Rental Housing Act
Sectional Titles Act
Basic Conditions Of Employment Act
Employment Equity Act
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Asbestos Regulations

Building Regulations

Certificate of Competency Regulations
Construction Regulations
Diving Regulations
Driven Machinery Regulations

Electrical Instalation Regulations

Electrical Machinery Regulations
Environmental Regulations for Workplaces
Explosives Regulations
Facilities Regulations
General Administrative Regulations

General Machinery Regulations
General Safety Regulations
Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations

Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulations
Lead Regulations
Lift, Escalator & Passenger Conveyor Regulations

Major Hazard Instalation Regulations

Noise-induced Hearing Loss Regulations

Pressure Equipment Regulations
Regulations of Hazardous Work by Children in SA

Unfair Practices Regulations (Western Cape)

Unfair Practices Regulations (National)

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