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As we progress, we will be publishing our newsletters here.
Our publications are aimed at giving straight answers to questions.
The advice and guidance is practical, and can be understood by consumers, who need advice on a specific topic, and do not want to get lost amongst all the jargon and lingo.
If you have any specific topics you would want us to consider for a newsletter feel free to let us know by email.

The list of publications will be updated regularly,so feel free to come back and read the latest .
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Landlords & Estate Agents: Take a look at all the legal requirements in letting your or your client's residential property.
Tenants: How to protect yourself from unsafe and dangerous homes, and how to address it.
Body Operates & HOA: Health & Safety is a critical part of your responsibilities.
Owners & Tenants: What exactly can you expect in terms of safety and compliance from your Body Corporate or Home Owners Association?
Trustees & Directors: Health & Safety is part of your fiduciary duties, not adhering to them can be disastrous - for you in person and your colleagues.
Owners & Tenants: Who carries blame, criminal and civil in event of injury or death of employees, contractors or even visitors, due to unsafe conditions?
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